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The first important question to ask yourself is whether you should engage with a criminal defence attorney. The potential of criminal defence lawyers to alter the outcome of a criminal examination or trial is prominent. To ensure that your constitutional rights are safeguarded during the investigation, your criminal defence attorney will explore the criminal justice system when charges have been filed, and will aggressively represent you in trial.

The charges will be filed.

Until you are issued a citation or served with a warrant, you may not realise you need a counsel. If law enforcement concludes their investigation without ever approaching you, they may conclude their inquiry. Even if law police attempted to contact you, they may not have made it clear that they intended to pursue charges. Lawyers are typically retained after charges have been filed in criminal cases.You may find more information at Stroleny Law, P.A.

A criminal defence attorney should be consulted as soon as you learn that felony or misdemeanour accusations are filed against you. It is possible that criminal charges could impact your life in a significant way. Under Utah law, felonies result in between zero years to life imprisonment and a fine of $10,000. The penalties for Utah misdemeanours include up to one year in prison and $2,500 in fines. An important role in achieving a good plea offer or achieving a not guilty result at trial will be played by your criminal defence attorney.

As soon as he’s hired, your lawyer’s task begins. The police may place you under arrest, often with the need that you post bail or remain in detention. During your arrest, you must be read a statement that summarises your rights. You are entitled to legal representation, and your legal representation should be present throughout any interrogation while you are in detention. In addition to legal representation, you may also request that your bail be reduced or your release be secured through a pretrial monitoring agency. The attorney will acquire discovery and investigate the facts to assess your legal options.