Best Home Maintenance Tips

If you can only remember one word this winter, it should be “water.” If you don’t keep the water out of your house, you can end up with water damage, which means you’ll have to pay for repairs. I don’t have to tell you how much house repairs cost, but it’s not good news for your bank account. Keeping the space around your home clean throughout the winter is a basic home maintenance advice. I recommend that you remove any snow that has accumulated next to your house if it is possible. You can find out more Prepare Your Home For Winter With These Maintenance Tips

If you can keep the water at least 5 feet away from your house, you’ll have a decent chance of avoiding soil erosion and structural foundation concerns in the future. So it would be beneficial if you could keep as much snow, ice, and rainfall away from your home as possible.

Let’s not forget about the pipelines that deliver water to our homes. Turn off the main water supply valve and drain the system if you’re going on a long trip or leaving your home unoccupied for a few days. Nothing is more frustrating than returning home from a nice vacation in the tropics to discover that a water supply pipe has burst.

What about the ceiling? You should strive to keep as much snow off of your roof as possible, but remember not to climb on top of it because it could be dangerous. Using long poles and snow rakes, try to remove as much snow as possible from the ground.

If you remember these simple house care suggestions, you’ll be able to get through the winter without having to spend a lot of money on repairs. Just keep in mind that frozen water melts, and melted water can cause water damage to your home. During the winter, keep your roof and the spaces around your house clean.