Bed Bug Removal From Luggage

Bed Bug Removal can be done quickly and easily by using the right methods. First, spray the entire room with insecticide. Next, clean with rubbing alcohol and wipe down all furniture, bedding and clothes. The best way to kill them is to use water above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.Learn more about them at Bed Bug Exterminator Cleveland – Cleveland Bed Bug Removal

For things that you cannot put into the dryer, such as mattresses and blankets, try covering them with plastic and then laying them out in direct sun to kill any bed bugs. If you have an infestation already, you may need to hire a professional exterminator for the bed bug removal job. Also, some people use pesticides on their own. While it is possible to perform some of these steps yourself, it is not recommended unless you know what you are doing and are equipped to treat all of your rooms effectively.

While it may seem tempting to simply throw away your luggage at the airport upon arrival, this is a bad idea, especially if you have valuable and sentimental items in it. If your luggage is filled with bed bugs, they could survive for weeks and you may not realize it until it is too late. If your luggage is screened properly, they should not survive a trip through a luggage handling area. If your luggage is not, you could be leaving a few bed bugs behind that could create an even bigger problem once they enter your home.