Information About The Difference Between a Mortuary and a Funeral Home

There is a big difference between a funeral home and a mortuary. It is important to distinguish the differences between these two very different establishments. A funeral home is a facility that provides for the interment of human remains. These can include caskets, cremation urns, cremation containers, cremation ashes, and even remains binders. Many people feel that these are the same as a mortuary however they are not. click for more info

With a funeral home there is a mortuary entourage which helps to organize and prepare bodies before they are cremated. These entourages consist of the funeral home director, funeral home staff, and funeral home employees. With a mortuary there is no such organization and the bodies are disinterred. There is also no preparation of any remains before the actual cremation.

The services that are offered by a mortuary are very different from those of a funeral home. Both of these establishments may offer a variety of services that are for the general public however they differ in their fees and procedures. Cremation homes do not offer any services other than preparing the body for the cremation and transporting the remains to the morgue or crematory for the final disposition of the body. A funeral home will conduct all final procedures of the death but does offer help in the preparation and transportation of the body to the mortuary.