What Are Skip Bins?

Skip Bins are waste bins which are usually square or trapezoidal. These skip bins can be used in your own town and local places by large domestic/business establishments, large families, small business, and industries to collect trash and dispose of them. Skips usually come in different shapes, sizes and colors to match with the color of the dumpster you use. Skips can be made of heavy duty plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum. Different sizes of Skip Bins exist. You can choose the size and style according to your needs. Some dumpsters have limited space, so it is essential to choose the size that fits perfectly in the space available in the dumpster. Besides, some dumpsters have wider spaces, so it is important to choose the size that fits too. Some dumpsters have sizes ranging from three cubic feet to fifteen cubic feet; larger sizes are ideal for commercial businesses but smaller sizes are suitable for residential areas. Check Yatala Skip Bins.

There are two main materials used in manufacturing Skip Bins – steel and aluminum. Aluminum Skip Bins are popular because they do not rust nor accumulate stains. Steel Skip Bins are more durable, but are more expensive because they require more maintenance. The most common sizes of skip bins come in three cubic feet, fifteen cubic feet and twenty-five cubic feet; the sizes are determined by the kind of material to be used.

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