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A vascular specialist is a cardiologist who diagnoses and treats diseases affecting the vascular system outside of the heart including a patient’s veins or arteries. Common problems resulting from vascular disease include spider veins and varicose veins, unexplained numbness in the extremities, life-threatening hemorrhages, and many other conditions. While a vascular specialist is usually board certified, he or she may be licensed using another method that does not have the same oversight as the Cardiology board. Some of the treatments a vascular physician uses include surgery, sclerotherapy, laser angiography, immunotherapy, and vein stripping. The majority of procedures are performed in a surgical facility but some are done in specialized ambulatory facilities or through the use of a suction cannula. Check Columbia Vascular Physician.

Most physician perform these procedures in a hospital setting under general anesthesia but if more invasive procedures are needed they may be performed in a hospital operating room with anesthetics.

When treating a patient who has a vascular illness, the physician will most likely order imaging tests to see what the problem is. Often, a CT scan or ultrasound will help a physician determine what is causing the patient’s symptoms. These tests will also tell the physician whether or not the vessel is obstructive malignant, or cancerous. At this point, the physician will decide on the treatment plan.

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