Which Leather Vest Style Is For You?

When people think of leather vests, their first thought is probably going to be a motorbike vest, which is probably the most popular out there. But vests are not just for motorbikes. Jackets, shirts, coats and more can all be found in leather material. There are a wide variety of reasons why people enjoy buying a leather vest, and in my opinion, one of the most important is that they offer protection from the elements, but at the same time offer a certain fashion statement. The most important difference between leather vest styles (apart from the obvious aesthetic look) is whether they have side or laced seams. visit  for more.

One benefit of leather vests (apart from looking cool) is that they can be opened up to allow the air to circulate. To get the absolute best fit, you need to take your measurements along with what you usually wear when riding your motorbike. This will tell you exactly how much room you have to fit your jacket or other item of clothing into. If you don’t have the right size, then you won’t look or feel comfortable wearing your vest on your bike.

A very classic style of leather vest that is commonly worn these days is the vest with both sleeves, known as the biker vest, which looks extremely cool on anyone (especially men). Another great style that is growing in popularity is the sleeveless biker vest, which I find quite attractive and also enables you to wear a sleeveless outfit whilst still being comfortable. If you have ever wanted to wear a vest, but didn’t want to because you always felt like you were dressed too tightly for the weather outside, or because you wished you had a bit more layers and extra warmth, then you will love a vest with both sleeves.