What is the Difference Between Yoga and Hot Yoga- An info

Hot yoga is a form of exercise that originated in India and is popular around the world. It combines various poses (dhyana) into quick, powerful, and challenging sequences. The sequences tend to be meditative as well as physical, but focusing more on the body than the mind. Hot yoga practitioners typically wear loose clothes that allow cool air to circulate during the workout session. This helps the individual’s skin retain the heat produced while working out, thus keeping the body feeling fresh all the time. look here
There are several benefits to this form of yoga that make it a great practice for weight loss. Because of the change in breathing pattern, the individual experiences a deeper connection with the environment and deeper focus. Many people who practice yoga feel physically empowered and also experience an increase in self-awareness. Another benefit to this practice is that it allows the individual to experience greater flexibility through increased strength. Some participants of yoga feel that the increased focus helps them to be able to deal with stress in their lives better.
While yoga may not have the immediate weight loss benefits that are seen with cardiovascular exercises (such as running or biking), studies have indicated that long-term weight loss can occur through the increased use of yoga as a part of a lifestyle. The changes in body chemistry and increased awareness can lead to an overall sense of mental and emotional well-being. The individual is able to set goals and work towards achieving them, which can lead to positive weight loss.