An Overview of Vienna Roofers Association

Most of us value having a roof over our heads, so when our roof begins to leak or shingles begin to show signs of wear, we know we need to contact a roofer quickly. This is where the fear might begin. Roofs are costly (and it’s difficult to feel enthused about spending so much money on house renovations we won’t be able to show off to our friends and family), and we’ve all heard horror stories about awful contractor experiences. Fortunately, with a little guidance, you’ll be able to choose the right roofer for the job, and your new roof will be installed swiftly and at a reasonable cost.

The First Steps

The first step is to compile a list of potential roofers. Asking friends and relatives for recommendations is a good place to start. This recommendation should come from someone who has worked with a roofer, not just someone who knows one. Ask for specifics…how was the work, was it completed on time, on budget, and did the price seem competitive? Happy customers are always eager to share their positive experience, so ask for specifics…how was the work, was it completed on time, was it completed on budget, and did the price seem competitive?

Websites (not necessarily classified websites like, but rather sites where people rate and recommend, such as, other contractors you may have worked with previously, and the yellow pages are all good places to look for roofers.Learn more about them at Vienna Roofers Association.

I’d be wary of short-term advertisements, whether online or in local media. Dealing with an unknown roofer who intends to stay for at least the year they must commit to with the yellow pages is preferable. So, you should have a short list of possible prospects by now. It’s always ideal to have at least 2-3 offers to pick from, and that will almost certainly necessitate contacting at least 4-6 contractors, so start calling and scheduling bid appointments.