Importance of Hiring Sydney Blocked Drain Repairman

Blocked drains are the most inconvenient of all the plumbing issues that affect homeowners. Since faucets and drains are continuously used, bits and pieces of stuff fall into the drain every time you wash the dishes or wash your hair, causing a residue that eventually becomes unmanageable, the water stops running down the drain, and you’re left with the option of using a plunger or calling a plumber. You may find more details about this at Sydney blocked drain repairman.

Yes, it’s tempting to just grab the plunger and do it yourself; after all, how difficult could it be? The problem is that doing it yourself could only have a temporary solution because you’ll think something is blocking the flow of water when it may be something else. Blocked drains are caused by a variety of factors that you wouldn’t expect to cause a blockage, including an accumulation of food particles and other foreign items.

For example, trees and leaves can clog drains, especially because trees can shed leaves and develop large roots that are attracted to the nearest water source or moisture. These roots appear to wrap themselves so tightly around your pipes and through any open cracks and crevices that they not only clog drains, but they can also break your pipes, causing bigger problems.

As you might be aware, grease and fat clog your drains quicker than you can say “blocked.” If you’re getting rid of some kind of liquid, make sure you don’t splash it down the drain, or if you do, make sure you follow up with some hot water to prevent a sticky, greasy stain from forming. Similarly, you should avoid washing your hair in the sink because hair tends to get stuck in the drain pipes. Avoid flushing toilet paper and nappies down the toilet because they don’t break down into tiny bits and end up trapped in the U-bend.

In addition to foreign items being flushed or dumped down the drain, you will want to have your pipes tested to ensure that they are properly installed or if any pipes are missing. Since plumbers have a difficult time accessing the area where broken or burst pipes occur, getting them examined at least once a year will save you a lot of money.

If you are unable to prevent blocked drains from occurring, do not try to repair the problem yourself. Since there are more complicated causes of blocked drains, you can contact a plumber, who will, among other things, have the appropriate equipment to diagnose and correct the issue.