Roof Shingles with Solar Panels

With home solar power systems rising in popularity year after year, some home builders are searching for innovative ways to integrate this incredible renewable energy solution into their homes. Even though modern solar panels have evolved to be much more efficient and robust over time, they are still a very noticeable addition to a home that has an effect on the design aesthetics. As a result, many builders and homeowners are searching for less visible ways to incorporate a solar power system into their homes. Solar panel roof shingles enable a homeowner to benefit from the free energy produced by these home solar power systems without having to instal solar panels on their roof.¬† If you’re looking for more tips, Equity Builders Roofing has it for you.

Solar panel shingles have been in production for many years, and commercial models have been available for some time. The durability and mounting options of the most recent generation of solar power shingles set them apart from earlier versions. Because of the way older solar shingles were installed and attached to the home’s electrical grid, they were difficult to instal on a roof. Since they were usually heavier than current models, most of these early models had to be placed in large groups on the roof, and they were just as visible cosmetically as a regular solar panel. Modern solar roof shingles are thinner and can be mixed in with traditional roof shingles to make them fit in better with the nature of a roof. They even come in a wider range of shades, making it easier to adapt them to the colour of your other roof shingles.

These newer solar panel shingles have a simplified mounting system that follows the nail patterns of a typical sheet of roof shingles. As a result, they are more easily integrated into traditional roofing materials. It also helps a homeowner to have them built by the same roofing company that does the rest of the shingles on the house. This will reduce installation time and cost, making these types of home solar power systems very affordable. The solar panel shingles’ wiring is run through the roofing material, and the interconnections are made within the attic. This removes the need for visible wires on the roof, resulting in a cleaner installation.

These newer solar power shingles are not only more attractive, but they are also more robust than a traditional solar panel installation. This is due to the fact that solar panels are normally mounted on a frame that is elevated a few inches above a home’s roofing material. Rain, ice, and debris will flow underneath the solar panels and off the roof through the gap between them and the roof. The problem is that this gap also allows wind to circulate under the panel, which causes the panel to rise. This can be a challenge in high-wind environments, because if a panel isn’t installed correctly, it can be damaged. Traditional solar panels are also at risk in regions where there is a lot of snowfall. The weight of the snow can twist and damage a panel that isn’t properly supported. Since the solar panel shingles are mounted flat on the roof, they are not exposed to these risks and can last for years.

Although these solar shingles will not generate as much energy as a regular panel of the same size, their quality is improving every year, and they are now close enough to make financial sense for many homes. When you consider the advantages they provide over traditional solar panels in terms of longevity and aesthetics, it’s no surprise that they’re quickly becoming the preferred choice for many homeowners.