Fire Door Regulations for Residential Properties

Home renovations can be both exciting and stressful, particularly if you choose to stay in your home while the work is being done. Planning is an important part of any construction project, particularly if you will be involved in project management for your renovation. Given this, it’s amazing how many problems arise that we hadn’t expected or budgeted for. Other than a fire alarm on each floor of our house, we hadn’t considered the need for additional fire safety accessories in our situation. During the construction of our loft, it was discovered that fire doors were needed in all rooms of your home except the bathrooms. This meant that all freshly decorated doors had to be replaced with new regulation doors! This prompted me to research the new legislation in order to ensure that we were completely compliant before being inspected by a building inspector.Get more informations check here for more information

Fire doors are often associated with commercial buildings; however, depending on the style and size of the residence, fire doors are often used in residential buildings. The government is constantly tightening regulations and laws, with a growing focus on residential fire prevention. This is unsurprising given that domestic fires account for the majority of fire-related deaths in the UK. New construction and some forms of extension work, such as loft conversions, are required by building codes to include fire doors.

The rules are as follows:

Recent amendments to the legislation governing new residential construction have made it unnecessary to instal self-closing devices on doors, but this does not negate the need for fire resistant doors. According to the rules, these are required:

If the first floor is more than 4.5 metres above ground level, the stairwell leading to the ground floor must be protected (at both levels) and should either lead to two ground floor exit routes, all protected with fire resistant doors, or lead directly to an exit. Integrated garages must have a fire door between the garage area and the residential part of the house.