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In commercial real estate, I frequently observe sales and leasing teams that are disorganised and demonstrate a general aversion to cooperating with one another. The fact is that ‘when you hunt as a pack,’ you may cover the market and opportunities in great detail. It’s difficult to do everything on your own, and it can stifle your growth.Visit Davy Talley – Keller Williams

Unless they are extremely disciplined, lone operators and salespeople in commercial real estate agencies will struggle. If you’re already on a team, take advantage of the opportunity to team up with people you get along with and who you respect in terms of talents and work ethic. That said, you’re probably on the wrong team if you can’t find another individual in your team who is valuable and whom you can respect.

When you’re ‘buddying up’ with another salesperson, you should both understand and commit to doing what’s obviously your side of the contract. Determine how the territory, clients, referrals, listings, and commissions will be divided. It’s not just about sharing the’spoils,’ but also about sharing the hard work, such as prospecting, meetings, inspections, phone calls, and mutual support.

In commercial real estate, I’ve seen some really effective ‘team’ relationships where an individual’s capabilities are combined with the capabilities of a like-minded team member. Those relationships have generally paid off when people execute the work that is anticipated and necessary, as well as going above and beyond to bring in the results.

Given the current housing market’s slower and more difficult nature, the ‘buddy’ concept is an excellent idea. As you progress in the market and with the property type, you can help and support one another. You may find that your ‘buddy partner’ is stronger in certain property kinds or aspects of the job than you are.