Hydrate iv Bar – Benefits

“Hydrate IV Bar” is a hydrate therapy treatment at a Highlands Ranch Colorado medical spa. Our primary focus is offering natural health from within, we believe that people come to the world ready to be helped and if we help them we will help them to feel the empowered experience of life. Our award winning hydration treatments are administered under the care of a board certified physician with over 30 years experience. If you’re looking for more tips, Hydrate iv Bar has it for you. Our friendly and professional registered nurses offer IV nutrient therapy either in a therapeutic, restorative, or spa-like environment.


The Hydrate IV Bar offers guests the choice of an “upgrade” their traditional hydration treatment which includes our all natural colloidal wafers, or our new, revolutionary “Vibrant Blend IV Wafers”. These colloidal wafers contain vital vitamins and minerals needed for hydration and healing. Also available is our IV Nutrient Therapy Capsules, these capsules contain a variety of nutritional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, anti-oxidants, antioxidants, herbal extracts and other plant based nutrients essential for hydration and healing. Our friendly registered nurses will personally hand select your preferred product and will make any adjustments needed to ensure that you receive the optimal product for your specific needs. Our spas are also equipped with steam rooms and other therapeutic amenities.

In addition to the great things we offer our clients, we do everything possible to help our customers save space. Through our convenient monthly memberships you can receive a discount on the products we sell while receiving the same quality service. If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and a wonderful selection of products including everything you could possibly need to hydrate and heal your body visit Hydrate iv bar and experience what we can offer you!

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