Dentist Marketing Addresses Dental Assistant Complaints

The majority of dental marketing assistants work to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality treatment possible. There are, however, those that fall short of the individual’s standards. The patient has the right to speak with the dental facility about the issue. They can file a complaint with the State Dental Board if they do not believe their complaint was treated properly.
The regulation of dental practises is the responsibility of state dental boards. These individuals work to protect the public from dental marketing assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists who engage in unethical behavior. They’re there to fully investigate any complaints about competency that have been filed. Fee disputes, character clashes, rude or obnoxious actions, or difficulty scheduling appointments in a timely manner are not handled by state dental boards. Such complaints should be sent to the Better Business Bureau. It’s important to file a complaint with the State Dental Board as soon as possible so that they can help you. The majority of states allow you to file a complaint online, over the phone, or by having a form mailed to you. Some states may only accept a complaint if it is sent in writing. Alsbury Dental¬†offers excellent info on this.

When a patient has a complaint, dental marketing assistants must realise the procedure that they must go through. During the investigation, dental assistants must cooperate. If a dentist assistant feels a patient will submit a complaint, it is important to write down as much information as possible. The patient’s name, date, time, and what happened must all be included in this detail. Any spoken conversations, as well as anyone who was present to observe the actual episode, will be recorded. This knowledge is going to be useful for you and to the State Dental Board. The Dental Board works diligently to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Some grievances are resolved in a matter of days, while others persist for months. A copy of a petition is submitted to the dental facility for a response after it has been filed. In certain cases, the dental care facility is given a certain amount of time to respond to the State Dental Board.
The Dental Board will equate the data on the reaction to the data on the grievance as soon as it is obtained and reviewed. Following that, a plan of action will be devised. This generally entails conducting interviews with all parties involved at the time of the incident. A commission has been formed to look at whether any dental laws and regulations have been broken. If there appears to be a breach, a hearing will be scheduled. The dental marketing assistant will be informed and given instructions to attend the hearing. The Dental Board will issue a reprimand if the dental marketing assistant is found to be in violation of dental rules. This is dependent on both the state laws and the infringement. A letter of apology, termination, probation, or the cancellation of the Dental Assistant’s permit are all possible reprimands. The Dental Board is not allowed to make a monetary demand. If the person who filed the complaint wants to be paid in this manner, they must file a civil suit in their local court system.

Dental Assistants who find themselves in the midst of a complaint with the Dental Board are more likely to feel anxious and fearful. In addition to legal sessions, many dental facilities will provide counselling to the individual. In most cases, it depends on the issue under investigation by the Dental Board. If the dental care facility supports the Dental Assistant, they will go to great lengths to help her. However, if they sense that the Dental Assistant is at violation of dental care polices they can remove the person, leaving him to pay for his own protection. The dental marketing assistant is responsible for adhering to all policies and procedures. Take the time to get it explained to you if you have any doubts. You could lose your job and your reputation if you lose a grievance before the Dental Board. If you lose your licence, it might be difficult to find another position as a Dental Assistant. Following the rules and following the methods would guarantee that you have a good chance of winning those complaints after a thorough investigation and examination by the Dental Board.