Things You Must Know About BlackBerry 10

The poll discovered that by focusing on the areas of saving time and increasing productivity, the average Blackberry user saved 60 minutes per day, which they turned into useful, productive time. A travelling employee, for example, can send and receive emails and engage with coworkers and/or clients while on the road, saving time in the office. The employee’s and the team’s production rose by 38 percent as a result of saving time. recommended you read My Favourite Smartphone is a BlackBerry 10

With up to 50% of small business employees in Europe categorised as mobile workers, the smartphone sector is keeping up with the increasing number of time-saving features being added to smartphones. According to the report, 40% of Blackberry smartphone users would spend the extra 60 minutes per day on administrative work, while 34% would use it on sales and marketing activities. When it comes to personal use of the Blackberry smartphone, 32% of users say they would utilise the time saved to relax more. 24 percent said they would spend more time with their families, and 21% said they would exercise more.

Suzanne Frazer, Sales Manager of Lir Chocolates, described herself as an Irish Blackberry smartphone user “Using BlackBerry through O2 saves me at least five hours every week. When working for a small business, you must be able to multitask. I rarely go into the workplace and could not function without my BlackBerry. I travel frequently, and BlackBerry has greatly aided me in better managing my time and projecting a professional, responsive, and on-top-of-our-business image. I can get a lot of work done while relaxing with a cup of coffee in a hotel or airport.”

Users using Blackberry smartphones can also handle time-sensitive emails and phone calls, allowing them to make quick and informed judgments. Smartphone features that are sophisticated also assist users in making educated judgments while on the road.